Digital Templates

Responsive emails and landing pages redesigned

for Royal Caribbean's GoToMarket team.

The challenge

Increase guest awareness about app check-in and it's perks.

Guests are currently not clicking through emails and further, not checking in through the app. 

Increase app downloads and promotional messaging.

How can we get more guests to download  and check-in through the app?

How can we better communicate the benefits of checking in through the app?

How can we better communicate the benefits of using the guest app, onboard and on-shore?


By looking at our email data, we found that most guests were checking in 4-7 days before their cruise. We also got some feedback from guests that there were too many emails, most with the same information, and they were being sent out too frequently.

My primary goal from here was to push and question our cadence. Then, I started thinking of ways that we could make the emails seem just different enough, but still contain the main message. 

Sketching & wireframing

I sketched and wireframed for both desktop and mobile that contained all modules needed on any GoToMarket email communication. This helped the devs be able to create master templates that would allow us to create as many dynamic and different emails as we wanted. Similar styles were also translated into our landing pages to keep our style consistent. 

This also allowed me to create a style guide and system for future designers and devs to be able to follow and use. Thus, making our process more efficient and simple.


Project overview

Handed off style guides and designs over to development. Did Visual QA and tested for accessibility before finalizing coded master templates. Gave new GoToMarket designers style guides and designs as I transition to a new team.

My roles

Product definition and strategy

User flows


Photo editing
Medium-fidelity designs
High-fidelity designs and asset creation
Accessibility testing
Leadership presentations
Providing direction to the development team

Visual QA


4 months


Tools used:

- Invision

- Sketch

- Craft

- Anima

- Stark

- Photoshop

- Illustrator

- Pen and paper!